Pvc Additives

Haloflex chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)

Cpe135a is a conventional term for chlorinated polyethylene in China. It is a product obtained from chlorination of polyethylene. It can be used as impact modifier for PVC and other polymer materials

  • Model: 135A

Cpe135a is a conventional term for chlorinated polyethylene in China. It is a product obtained from chlorination of polyethylene. It can be used as impact modifier for PVC and other polymer materials to improve the impact properties of PVC products. Domestic PVC CPE models are generally identified by 135a, 135B, 140B, 239c, etc., in which the first digits 1 and 2 represent the residual crystallinity (TAC value), 1 represents the TAC value of 0-10%, 2 represents the TAC value > 10%, the second and third digits represent the chlorine content, such as 35 represents the chlorine content of 35%, and the last digit is the letter ABC, which is used to represent the molecular weight of raw material PE, a is the largest, C is the smallest.

1. Due to the excellent characteristics of CPE, the tensile strength of the new product is increased by 80%, the tear strength is increased by 50%, and the mechanical weatherability, low temperature resistance and aging resistance are improved. It is very popular in construction department (CPE is 10% - 15%). Chloroprene rubber CPE waterproof membrane and chloroprene rubber CPE styrene butadiene rubber waterproof membrane have the advantages of high strength, high elasticity, high extensibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy, etc. they are the new generation of ideal waterproof materials and have broad market.

2. Using CPE and PVC to produce plastic doors and windows can greatly improve their elasticity, toughness and low-temperature performance, weather resistance, heat resistance and chemical stability. This kind of plastic doors and windows is cheap, corrosion-resistant, colorful and bright, which has outstanding advantages over aluminum alloy doors and windows. It has largely replaced aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the market will be more and more broad.

3, application in wire and cable sheath: CPE addition can improve its negative combustion performance, anti-aging and physical mechanical properties, and CPE can also be used as the main body to make wire and cable coating material, and its performance is excellent.

4. Adding CPE elastomer into PE can improve its printability, fire resistance and flexibility. When 5% CPE was added to HDPE, the adhesion between HDPE and ink was increased three times. Adding CPE into PE hose for mine has better flame retardancy.

5. Application of CPE as main material: it can make rubber tubes with good performance of oil resistance, acid resistance, folding resistance, ozone resistance and Freon resistance, and it is suitable for manufacturing hydraulic rubber tubes, cooler rubber tubes, fuel rubber tubes, etc. The imitation leather sole made with CPE as the main body has excellent performance.

6. Application of CPE in drive belt: it can make heat-resistant drive belt and has good non-polar solvent swelling resistance. The adhesive force and flexion times of the tape layers of the drive belt made of CPE / NR / SBR are higher than those of the drive belt made of pure rubber, so as to prolong the service life. At the same time, it also improves the shrinkage of pure rubber after calendering, and the rubber is used in textile industry during calendering The poor permeability of the material and the easy adhesion of the formed belt embryo improve the weatherability and flame retardancy of the drive belt.

7. CPE and other rubbers: CPE and a variety of rubbers have good compatibility, CPE and NR blend, its wear resistance, fatigue resistance and acid, alkaline resistance become better, compared with NBR, Cr price is lower. The combination of CPR and NBR can improve the oil resistance and excellent heat and oxygen aging resistance. It can be used to manufacture oil resistant rubber hose and oil resistant sealing products.