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Caustic soda market in Northwest China remained stable

2021-01-20 17:22:21 admin 1

Recently, the market for caustic soda in the Northwest has remained stable. Caustic soda companies are concentrated in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shaanxi and other provinces. The local chlor-alkali load has not changed much, and the supply of goods is stable. Except for some self-use, most of the sources of goods flow into major consumer regions such as East China, Southwest, and South China. The downstream are mainly alumina, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical, new energy and other industries, and most of the transactions are fixed contracts. The main downstream alumina market is operating smoothly, and market transactions are stable on demand. After the holiday, downstream demand is acceptable, and most of the market inquiries are rigid demand. The price of caustic soda plant is stable, and the transaction rhythm is flat